Design & Build (1 - 4 Week Sprints)

The design and development team collaborate through iterative sprints, to build a product with great functionality and user experience. We’ll prioritize features in a product roadmap, and then tackle each section of the roadmap with a build sprint. The cyclical process of this phase is characterized by these stages: Sprint Planning, Sprint Build, QA, User Testing and Sprint Review.The iterative build, test, review process enables us to incorporate user feedback and prioritize the most critical features.

Research & Discovery (1 - 2 Week Sprints)

Our goals during this phase is to define the idea, understand your business goals and the needs of your users. We may conduct stakeholder interviews, outline technical and business requirements, do a competitor analysis and run a technology audit. This groundwork is step one in the product design and development process. Once we identified the problem we’re solving and who the users are we can begin prototyping ideas and testing assumptions.

Product Concepting (1 - 3 Week Sprints)

This is the best way to efficiently test ideas and validate assumptions. We’ll sketch possible solutions, based on all the risks identified and assumptions made during Research & Discovery phase. The design team will create interactive prototypes for users to test and offer feedback. We’ll also determine the team structure and capabilities for the project.

Launch Preparations (1 - 2 weeks)

We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure the launch is a success! When it’s time to hand off the product over to your team, we’ll offer training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition.

Maintenance & Growth (As needed)

We'll be around after your product has launched to offer support as and when you need it. Maintenance might include upgrades, monitoring performance, fixing bugs and developing new functionality.