Mission driven, people focused

We work with large enterprise organizations and startups to solve their business challenges by identifying, designing and building innovative software solutions.

Why Dynamic Guy?

We are a team of strategy, design and development experts united by our passion for building human-centered, outcomes focused software. From concept to launch we apply startup-style customer development and agile engineering to creating new products and areas of business.

What we offer

From whiteboarding new concepts to long-term support, we work with startups and large multi-national enterprises to develop new applications, software, services and platforms. Below is a glimpse into how we build, including our processes, our team capabilities and what we do in each phase of a project to achieve the best results and deliver Full Stack software systems.

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Our values

Our goals during this phase is to define the idea, understand your business goals and the needs of your users. We may conduct stakeholder interviews, outline technical and business requirements, do a competitor analysis and run a technology audit. This groundwork is step one in the product design and development process. Once we identified the problem we’re solving and who the users are we can begin prototyping ideas and testing assumptions.

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